8 Essential Techniques To Boost Your Child's Memory

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The world is advancing on every single aspect be it technology, communications whatsoever. Hence in this ever changing environment children might feel very hard to focus and retain their thoughts.

Here are various hacks that can boost your child's memory and become more efficient and creative.

1) Give an identity to every place you take your child

You can help your child identify the place by giving it a name of a specific person that the child knows, or if its a store then identify it by giving a name of something that the child likes to eat or play with.

2) Include super foods in diet

Superfoods like fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, etc must be highly included in the diet of children. These foods are loaded with lots of vitamins and nutrients which are highly essential to build up strong immunity and memory.

3) Teach small lessons in the form of stories

Research shows that children can remember things better if explained in the form of short stories or actions. Parents can teach lessons to their children by narrating stories and make sure that the child is understanding the same by asking the child to assume and focus on the learning by summarizing the whole thing.

4) Strengthen positive attributes

Observe what your child loves to do. This can help you find out what your child is good at in order to make yourself and the child understand his/her strengths and potentials.
Encourage your kid by rewarding them from time to time. Children love rewards!

5) Emphasize more concentration towards music

Mind works faster when it is made to remember things in creative ways. The rhythmic tones of the music helps to enhance intellectual and emotional intelligence. This makes children learn more in less time and it becomes easier to retain the information quickly.

6) Make the child repeat activities

To make the child learn basic things at the quickest time possible, make the child look towards the action first and then make them repeat the action. The task can be as simple as serving or washing a plate, arranging books, dining table, etc.

7) Set up a proper routine

Proper schedule and routine helps the child to develop habits like discipline, punctuality, loyalty, rationality, etc. This can also help the child to become more multitasking and can encourage the child to think faster than before.

The routine set by parents must include specific timings for outdoor games and various other activities.

8) Engage in creative indoor games

Various researches prove that games help children to think more faster and this helps to improve overall brain functioning. Some few examples can be-

  • Chess
  • Ludo
  • Scramble
  • Puzzles
  • Dominoes
  • Hide and seek
  • Treasure hunt
  • Listening games


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