6 Must-Include Foods In Your Kid’s Diet To Build Immunity

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Maintaining nutrition and keeping up with the nutrition requirements of kids has always been a major concern for parents.

Worry not! Because immunity can be built from home too.
By including these 6 foods in your kids diet can help maintain yours kid’s immunity.

Dry fruits and seeds

Dry fruits can always be considered as a healthy snacking option as they are rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. They are also scrumptious in taste and are easy to digest. Walnuts help to boost brain functioning. Almonds, cashewnut are really good sources of anti- oxidant and essential vitamins. Raisins and dates are good for digestion and also beneficial in boosting immunity and skin health.

Seeds like flax seed and pumpkin seeds are easy to consume and are highly rich in nutrients.


Oats are the healthiest grains found on earth. Rich in antioxidants, oats are also gluten free and are also an excellent source of vitamins, fibre and minerals


It has been proven that Vitamin D is the most required nutrient to fight against diseases. Eggs are rich in Vitamin D and this helps the body to absorb calcium very easily and helps in making the body stronger.

Vitamin C rich fruits

Fruits that have a higher vitamin C content like berries, orange, cherry, lychee, guava, kiwi, strawberry, papaya, etc help to boost immunity and also keep the body hydrated. This helps to keep the skin glowing and healthy.

Green Vegetables

Highly packed with vitamins, minerals, anti oxidants and fibre, green vegetables serve as a healthy and low calorie diet that helps cure the body from risks of obesity, heart disease and helps in giving more energy and boosts immunity.


Mushrooms are rich in antioxidants and also help to boost immunity. Mushrooms are also rich in vitamin D.
But you've got to check first that your child isn't allergic to mushrooms. Not a lot of people can digest it.


Including these 6 foods in your child's diet can help build their immunity and keep the diseases at bay from them. 

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